torsdag 14 augusti 2008

Positiv text från en medspelare.

Kunde nästan inte skrivit det bättre själv. Taget från Gilly Lanes egen blog och hemsida (HÄR)

""After a nap and a couple hours break we were back on court for the second and final match of the Saturday.
I had been looking forward to this match because I would be playing Swedish number 2 Christian Drakenburg, who has been on the tour for awhile and is very solid. The team match started out much like the one before as we got a quick 2-0 match lead before I even got on court. The first game between Christian and I was brutal. Christian is a very consistent player who doesn’t do a lot with the ball but his accuracy and placement is so good that it takes its toll on his opponents. Also even though he is 32 years old, he still retrieves the ball like he is 17 year’s old and almost seems to enjoy the running. The pace of the match started out very high and I was able to gain a quick 6-1 advantage. However, the tide of the match started to turn as the pace began to settle and it was evident that Christian was getting into a rhythm. I managed to get to 10-8, giving me two games balls. I wasn’t able to win either of those games ball bringing the first game to a tiebreak. The rallies were neck and neck, as it seemed that neither of us could win two consecutive rallies in order to finish off the first game. Finally at 15-16 Christian hit a dying length to the back giving him a very tough first game and quite possibly the mental edge over me as well. The second game was horrendous for me. It seemed that I couldn’t get anything going and that the pace just suited Christian so well that he didn’t even look like he was moving at all around the court. Second game to Christian 11-7. The third started out much like the second, in that I fell behind quickly by not being able to establish any length. Christian got to 10-3 match ball. However I fought back and took the next three points to make it 10-6. I finally felt that I was back in the match but it wasn’t enough as Christian hit a fabulous winner to end the match. This was definitely a great learning experience. Playing players like Christian is great for a young pro like myself. It is these matches that you need to experience in order to improve.""

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