måndag 11 april 2011

Detter i bra form

Svenska mästaren Gustav Detter verkar vara i bra slag. I debuten i den omtalade Pro Squash Tour (den utan LET) vann han direkt sin första tävling. Bådar gott om Gustav kan vara med på EM och förhoppningsvis blir uttagen till laget som tas ut under dagen.
se HÄR för hela historien

4 kommentarer:

Gustav Z sa...

Fan va bra!

Kul att läsa att han spelar aggresivt och publikfriande också!

Anonym sa...

Låt oss testa den Let-fria varianten här också. Jag tror det skulle bespara oss mycket tjat och gnat.
Svart eller vitt!
Tror personligen inte att det kommer att leda till mer brutal squash men jag har skrivit till Pro Squash i USA och bett om deras syn på saken efter att ha testat det. Återkommer.

Anonym sa...

Kul! Heja Gustav!

Anonym sa...

Kommentar ang spel utan Let:


Thanks so much for your interest. We are glad that we may be opening people's minds to this new way of playing squash, a way that we believe drastically improves the game for fans and makes players play the ball. This idea was actually given to us by some of the top pros in the game. Here is my experience:

Normal squash, with lets, means that players can take breaks at the end of rallies and take a let. Not so with Point Every Rally (That is what we call it) scoring. Every point is ended with a player scoring a point (except in the odd circumstance where playing a let is necessary due to possibilities of an injury or other extenuating circumstance. These are very rare, as we see points being replayed only about 1.4 times per match). This makes for a more understandable game to the common fan. It ensures that players cannot take points off or they will pay for it. It is done because athletes in today's game are so fast and strong, they can reach almost any ball without the need for a let. It has worked more times than it has not, though it is not perfect. But how many times have you seen squash matches ruined by constant let calls? Too many.

We have not experienced any injuries to players more than we would experience in a regular match with lets. Playing poor shots will still result in strokes. The game can sometimes be more brutal, but in that way it is often more exciting. It gives squash a physicality that it has been lacking for so long. We do not find that there are any more outbursts than normal, but on our tour we do not tolerate talk with the referee. You are simply allow to ask why a call was made and then must continue on playing.

The game flows much better this way. Most matches will not go more than 1 hr 15 minutes, and most are under 1 hr. It is important though, for the referee and the players to be briefed sometime beforehand. Ref's will be looking at a situation and assessing it differently, and it is important that they be consistent. Style of reffing will be different as well. Some will call more strokes, others want players to play balls more often than they may be used to.

Hope this is helpful, and again, we are glad you are trying this new, and hopefully improved, version of squash.

Ned Marks
Manager, Business Development
Pro Squash Tour
203 561 8426